Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Baby's Quilt

I had so much fun making this rag quilt for my baby. It was the easiest and fastest quilt I have ever made. These are the simple instructions I wish I would have had so I wouldn't have had to figure it out along the way.

1) Buy twice as much printed flannel fabric as plain flannel fabric which will be used for the batting (The inside flannel will show so make sure you choose a color that matches)
2) Cut out 5''x5'' squares of fabric (Or whatever size you want the squares to be)
3) Place printed fabric right sides facing out with plain flannel square in the middle creating a 3 layer square
4) Sew an X through each 3 layer square
5) Lay out squares on the floor and arrange them into your desired quilt pattern
6) Sew squares into strips with the seams on one side of the strip
7) Sew strips together , once again keeping seams on one side of the quilt
8) With scissors, cut the seams making small cuts as close together as possible
9) Wash the quilt so that the seams fray

The only thing I wish I could have changed would be the thickness of the blanket. Next time I make a quilt like this, I think I might add an extra layer of plain flannel in the middle to make the quilt a little thicker. I can't wait to wrap my baby in this!