Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hanging Out

Don't you just love looking at your sleeping baby? My favorite time of the day is at night, before I go to bed, when I go check on my baby. In this picture, the crib bumper was in my craft room getting fixed. That can't be very comfortable.


Tania Gisele Flores said...

Okehina la nde memby!! Que chulina es; yo estoy esperando una bebe se llamara MAKARENA, espero llegue el dia de disfrutar de mi bebe asi como vos. Rohayhuuuuu!!!

Cyndie said...

After Victor ended up like that--only screaming--a couple of times, I gave up on the "no bumper" safety advice and got one. It was a real improvement.

Tom and Jen Loveland Family said...

What cute pictures. You will be so glad to have them! Sleeping babes are the best, but I miss them and want them to wake up so I can snuggle them!