Monday, November 24, 2008

The Pregnant Bridesmaid

My best friend finally got married! We met several years ago in Florida selling pest control. Since then we have spent every summer selling together. The rest of the year we spent latin dancing every weekend and wasting our hard earned pest control money in shopping malls. Last year, I finally convinced her to give up year round pest control and go back to college. I convinced her that it was the only way she would find a guy and be able to get married. Well, she found a guy. Peter happened to be in one of her classes, she gave him my number and the rest is history. Since that time, I have been feeling guilty that I am happily married with the man she found, and have been trying unsuccessfully to return the favor. Well, she found this one all on her own, and they are perfect for each other. It was a beautiful wedding and I'm very happy for her.

Game Day

I'm not going to pretend that I care about college football or I give a darn who wins or loses. Nor do I understand anything that is happening the few minutes that I have spent watching a football game with Peter on TV. But there is one game that everyone in Utah cares about: the U vs the Y. So, even though I really could care less about football, I put on my BYU hat and dressed in blue and white and watched 4 long hours of football with my U loving husband. I tried to stick up for BYU as much as possible, but it is difficult when you don't have any idea what is going on, and BYU isn't doing much that you could brag about. Unfortuantly, Peter's team won, just as he said they would. I hate when he turns out to be right, especially on something as dumb as college football.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Pregnant Belly

I am starting to look pregnant! My normal clothes are fitting a little too tight, and although I am not quite big enough for maternity clothes, this high waisted dress shows off my blossoming belly. I love being pregnant and don't mind getting a little round if it means there is a baby inside me. In fact, I am really enjoying it. I hope Peter feels the same way...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peter's Birthday Present

Peter is modeling the apron I made him for his birthday. I thought maybe he could use something more manly than my pink and polka dotted, frilly aprons that he usually wears on Sunday to keep his white shirt clean during Sunday dinner. Okay, so maybe this isn't too manly either, but I didn't want to make an ugly, boring apron.

Happy Birthday to Us

It is so much fun to have the same birthday. (And it's great to know that I will never, ever forget about his birthday.) We woke up and cooked breakfast together and then went to a Korean restaurant for dinner. If you are wondering why we are throwing gang signs, let me explain by saying that in every single one of Peter's mission pictures, there is a Korean with a peace sign.

The Fruits of My Labor

I just wanted to show off my home grown, home canned tomatoes. (Thanks to my mother in law who let me use her kitchen and canning supplies) I had so much fun this summer growing, weeding, and harvesting my little garden. We had a plentiful supply of carrots, beets, peppers, fresh herbs, tomatoes, radishes, squash, cucumbers, and of course zuchinni. I even had flowers to put on my table each week.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy nausea decided to hit for the first time while I was making a vegetable lasagna with all my garden produce. I haven't been able to eat anything from my garden since. Although I can not imagine a time in the future when zucchini will sound good again, I am hoping my love for garden veggies will return before next summer.