Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Fruits of My Labor

I just wanted to show off my home grown, home canned tomatoes. (Thanks to my mother in law who let me use her kitchen and canning supplies) I had so much fun this summer growing, weeding, and harvesting my little garden. We had a plentiful supply of carrots, beets, peppers, fresh herbs, tomatoes, radishes, squash, cucumbers, and of course zuchinni. I even had flowers to put on my table each week.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy nausea decided to hit for the first time while I was making a vegetable lasagna with all my garden produce. I haven't been able to eat anything from my garden since. Although I can not imagine a time in the future when zucchini will sound good again, I am hoping my love for garden veggies will return before next summer.


Laura said...

You look TOO SKINNY to be pregnant. Have you had bad morning sickness?

The Parkin Family said...

Congrats prego. It is always nice to know someone else with morning sickness. Thankfully I'm over that part and due in about a month. Glad to see you started blogging. Miss you tonz.