Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe how old Laura is! She turns 2 in less than 2 months. She is now stringing words together and saying the funniest things. One of my favorite things she does is for words starting with an "s," she switches the "s" sound from the beginning to the end of the word. So Daddy is gone all day at "cools"(school) and she likes to climb in bed with me and "nuggles" (snuggle) and she insists on always eating dinner with Laura's "poos" (spoon). She is also saying prayers now and says the funniest things. Last week her prayer went like this:
Pee pee.
Poo poos.
She has yet to understand why we say prayers- she just thinks it is a good time to throw in some of her favorite words. "Puppy," "purse" and "baby" are other words that are often included in her prayer.
She loves to be outside and now that the weather has been so nice we have been spending lots of time going to parks and on walks. She hates to be in her stroller and insists on walking everywhere. Even in the grocery stores. If I put her in the shopping cart she will scream and yell "hug" which is code for pick me up. As soon as I pick her up she will scream "down" and take off running.

And Laura is not the only one getting bigger everyday. I am now down to 8 more weeks until the due date and am starting to feel quite large.

We have decided on a name for our sweet little girl, Angelica. Laura calls her "Gica" and loves to lift up my shirt and give her kisses and hugs. (She obviously doesn't understand the baby making process since she also tries to do this to Daddy sometimes). As the due date gets closer, it seems like I am so much more emotional about everything. I know that the closer that we get to her birth, the sooner I am going to have to say goodbye to her. I am really enjoying this pregnancy because I feel like I am keeping my fragile baby safe and protected. She is constantly reminding me how well she is doing with kicks and jabs in my stomach! We are just praying that we get to spend a little bit of time with her before Heavenly Father takes her home.