Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Pictures

Happy Father's Day to Peter, the best Daddy ever! And for those of you who are wanting to see me at my largest, here I am at 31 weeks pregnant. I am officially at the huge stage. I can't wear any of my favorite maternity cloths because I've grown out of them and am down to a few outfits left that I fit in. Here is Laura, at age 3 and still working on growing in a full head of hair.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Girls

Now that we are settled in Atlanta, I thought I should share some pics from last month. Laura's birthday was on May 1st and we celebrated with a safari themed party. I made little safari vests, binoculars and clipboards for each of the kids. We played some fun games, including looking for hidden animals check off their clipboad list. Laura's favorite TV show right now is Go Diego Go and so she loved this part. I also served animal themed food: Monkey, Zebra and Tiger Cupcakes Snake Sandwich African Bird Fruit Kabobs and fish "bowls" Laura had a blast and I think it was worth all the work trying to plan a party 2 weeks before we moved. Peter took a couple of hours off of studying for finals to be there for the party. This is Laura with her best friend Giana whose mother, my friend Heidi, took all the birthday pics for me with her awesome camera and photography skills! We are happy that they also moved to Atlanta! We celebrated Angelica's birthday on May 4th. We started the day by going to breakfast. The morning that Angelica passed away we decided to wanted to spend the day celebrating her life and not feeling sad, so we went to a popular breakfast place in Nashville called the Pancake Pantry. We decided it would be fun tradition to continue each year on her birthday to remind us to celebrate her short life and the time we got to spend with her instead of feeling sad that we lost her so soon. Afterwards we went to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital to drop off 10 preemie sleep gowns that I made using the same pattern I used to sew Angelica's few outfits that I made for her not knowing if she would be alive long enough to wear them. They fit her so perfectly and I was happy to have something small and cute to put her in. It is hard to find clothing small enough for preemie babies and the hospital said they would appreciate having the preeemie gowns on hand to give to other preemie babies. I spent a lot of time sewing those gowns and I enjoyed every minute of it thinking about the special babies that might wear them. Now we are getting anxious for our next Munk birthday- our baby due in August. It feels like I have been pregnant forever. Oh wait, I have been. Pretty much for the last 2 years straight. We can't wait to finally have a baby in our home! Laura is getting so big now and I want so badly to have some little, chubby, baby cheeks to kiss again. 10 more weeks!