Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What we've been up to...

We are down to our last month at Nashville and I am feeling both sad about leaving and anxious to get settled in our new city. We are hoping that Atlanta is just like Nashville since we have loved it so much here.

We are also getting excited about our baby due in August. Our ultrasound a couple of weeks ago showed a healthy baby girl. I think Peter was kind of hoping for a son, but I am thrilled about another girl.

We met with friends at a park and had a bbq for Easter. Everyone brought eggs to hide and the kids had so much fun finding them. Laura found a plastic bug in one of her eggs and thought it was the best day ever.

Laura hated her Easter dress, because she hates clothes in general. She would have been a lot happier if I had let her wear just her panties to church. Someday she will maybe appreciate how much time I spend sewing her wardrobe.

We are so happy that Laura's friend, Gianna, and her family are moving to Atlanta next month, too! Laura always tells me that Gianna is her "best friend." (That is when they are not fighting over toys, which is pretty much all the time.)

In keeping with the Munk family tradition, I attempted my first bunny cake this year. Until I put the ears on it looked much more like a car than a bunny. Laura loved it and kept stuffing the candy carrots (made out of airheads) into the bunny's mouth.

Now that Easter is over, Laura is constantly reminding us that the next holiday is her birthday. She has lots of high hopes for a party, a cake, her friends coming, etc. Good thing that 2 year olds are so easy to please. It doesn't take much for her to be super happy. Like finding a plastic bag in her easter egg.