Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some fun things about Laura

1. My baby loves blueberries. She would eat blueberries all day long if I let her. They were on sale last week at Wal-Mart so I bought a bunch and gave them to her to try. She loved it and has been eating them ever since. About 3 weeks ago, she decided she didn't want me feeding her anymore. Since then, she will only eat things that she feeds herself. I have been trying to find things soft and small enough for a toothless mouth and big enough that she can grab them with her awkward fingers. Blueberries are perfect. We are both going to be sad when the sale is over. Fresh blueberries are way too expensive to buy at regular price.

2. She is crawling now and the hard wood floors don't slow her down at all. She crawls all over the house looking for things to put in her mouth.

3. Her favorite toy is my toothbrush. She likes to sit on the bathroom cupboard while I brush my teeth and wait for her turn.

4. She now has one tooth, with one more on the way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tender Tennessee Christmas

My favorite Christmas album always has been and always will be Amy Grant's Tender Tennessee Christmas. I have been listening to this song each Christmas for as long as I can remember. I was so excited when we moved to Tennessee and I realized I would have my own Tender Tennessee Christmas. And thanks to my sister Kashann and her family who made the 12 hour drive from Buffalo, NY to spend Christmas with us, it was everything we hoped our first Christmas in Tennessee would be.

Laura of course was too young to appreciate the magic of presents and so it was fun to have excited kids around on Christmas. We had a slumber party upstairs on Christmas Eve with sleeping bags on the floor. At 2:30 am, everyone woke up thinking it was morning already and I had to stumble downstairs to find a clock and then tell everyone to go back to sleep- Santa hadn't come yet.

We spent Christmas day eating a delicious Turkey dinner, thanks to my sister Kashann (you would think that after driving 12 hours to someone else's house you wouldn't have to do the cooking, too) and making dolls with my neices. What better way to spend Christmas than doing my two favorite things: eating and crafting.

Other highlights include playing the wii, (Peter is still mad I beat him and insists his side of the mat was broken) searching for Brent's dream house, listening to Caroline entertain us with her made up songs, and having 3 neices who took care of my baby all weekend.

Thanks, Casper family, for sharing our Tender Tennessee Christmas with us! We miss you and are hoping that Brent's dream house will be built somewhere close to Nashville.