Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some fun things about Laura

1. My baby loves blueberries. She would eat blueberries all day long if I let her. They were on sale last week at Wal-Mart so I bought a bunch and gave them to her to try. She loved it and has been eating them ever since. About 3 weeks ago, she decided she didn't want me feeding her anymore. Since then, she will only eat things that she feeds herself. I have been trying to find things soft and small enough for a toothless mouth and big enough that she can grab them with her awkward fingers. Blueberries are perfect. We are both going to be sad when the sale is over. Fresh blueberries are way too expensive to buy at regular price.

2. She is crawling now and the hard wood floors don't slow her down at all. She crawls all over the house looking for things to put in her mouth.

3. Her favorite toy is my toothbrush. She likes to sit on the bathroom cupboard while I brush my teeth and wait for her turn.

4. She now has one tooth, with one more on the way.


Jackie said...

That first outfit is darling! Where did you get it?

OWWW, watch out for blueberry diapers. They are a killer around here!

Candice said...

Yeah, I am loving the blueberry diapers. Everytime I change her, I wonder if she is even getting any of the nutrition from her food or is it just going straight through her? Maybe I shouldn't try so hard to give her healthy food!

I made the dress. Making dresses for a baby is so fun because you only need 1 yard of fabric.

Cyndie said...

You might try feeding her black beans (rinsed and drained). They're perfect for little fingers, and my boys loooooove them.

Tom and Jen Loveland Family said...

What a little cutie. We had a similar sale hear just recently and Lucy has definitely loved the new "treat." And wow about the craftiness and sewing of the dress. You are very talented.

Angela and Enrique said...

She is so cute! I love the blueberry picture! Hey, how did you take these pictures without a camera?

Gasaway Family said...

I love Laura's dress, it doesn't surprise me at all that you made it. You are so creative and have a talent for the crafts!

Janet said...

Frozen blueberries might work - ones that have been thawed out, that is.

Your baby is so cute, Candice! It's so nice to catch up with you!