Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We just got back from trick or treating and put our exhausted, sugar-eating monster to bed. Starting tomorrow, there will be no more sugar in this house! Laura woke up this morning and the first words out of her mouth were, "Please, can I have a candy?" Halloween is so much fun, but I'm glad that it is now over. So we can move on to healthier holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. :)
We had a fun Halloween weekend and enjoyed every unhealthy minute. On Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch and let Laura run around and hug the pumpkins. Or kick them. Or hit them with a stick. Mostly there was a lot of hitting. This is Laura's new favorite game: hitting things. Is this normal behavior for a sweet little girl?

Saturday evening we went to our ward Trunk or treat. Laura ate way too much candy, got her face painted and wore out her mother who chased her around all evening!

Tonight we met up with some friends who have a daughter Laura's age to go trick or treating. These two girls are best friends.

And in case you want to see one more picture of our cute little peacock:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laura the peacock

Halloween is so much fun with a 2 year old. Laura loves wearing her costume and especially loves the candy. We have already gone to a Halloween party and a trick or treating event. And we have more Halloween fun planned for this weekend. Let's hope she doesn't get sick of wearing the ridiculous feather headress I keep sticking on her head!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I love fall in Nashville. We have been enjoying temperatures in the 70's and sunny days. And the colorful leaves are just gorgeous with all the trees here. I think we got a pretty good scenario worked out: cool, moderate summer in New Hampshire and home in time for the beautiful warm fall of Nashville. Too bad we can't own homes in two different places because I kind of liked how that worked out.

Laura is still as fun and crazy as ever.

And we still think she is the smartest, cutest baby in the world. We still call her a baby, even though she is obviously not one. Until we get another baby in this house, Laura is our baby. She is okay with this arrangement because she recognizes she gets perks that other children her age do not. Like when Peter brought her into bed with us at 2:00 am a couple of nights ago. And like when she wakes up in the middle of the night and insists Mama sings her a song before she can go back to sleep. Is it normal for a 2 1/2 year old to not sleep through the night? She wakes up at least every other night needing a song or to be tucked back in. Sometimes he just screams, "I need something!" because she can't think of anything in particular. I know it is our fault- if we stopped going in she would stop waking up. But, like I said, she is our baby so we spoil her a little bit. Lately she has been sleeping in a tent next to her bed. We set it up for her to play in one day and she has been sleeping in it ever since.

She even takes her naps in there. She used to take them in my bed. But when I moved all the craft stuff downstairs this arrangement had to be changed. Shortly after moving my craft desk into my room, I came in to get Laura after nap time and found this:

Apparently she was having the time of her life with my markers before falling asleep.

And now she has one more bed in the house to take her naps in:
Shortly after we found out that Angelica wouldn't live long after birth, we decided to sign up to do foster care. It is something that I've always wanted to do, but I thought it would be later in life when we were done having children of our own. However, after finding out that it would just be me and Laura at home for another year, we decided it was perfect timing. My days with Laura are so much fun, but honestly, my life is probably a little too easy. It wouldn't hurt to have one more crazy to chase after in this house. And I figure until we can get another baby of our own, I will love other people's babies who need some extra love. I feel like it is a great way to let Angelica's short life bless another child's life since it is because of her that we decided to do this now.

All that being said, I don't know when or if we will even get the chance to have a foster child. We finished our last appointment yesterday and so once our caseworker finishes up the paperwork we will officially be in the program. But we have a specific age range we are looking for so it may be a while, or never, before they have a child in that range that needs a temporary home. And we are down to only 8-9 months left in Nashville.

But I had so much fun getting the child's room ready in case we receive one. I didn't want to spend money on a room that I wasn't sure would even be used, so I had to get creative in trying to make it cute with only buying a few things.

We found the bed and mattress on Craigslist for $20 and I bought a cheap duvet comforter from Target. The rest was made with stuff I have stockpiled in my craft supply. For the duvet cover I used a yellow sheet and white sheet from a yard sale that I cut in strips and sewed together. I love how it turned out. It had to be something that could be used by a boy or girl and I think it turned out pretty gender neutral yet fun and cute.
So now we wait and see if we ever receive a phone call asking us to take a child. And in the meantime, I am enjoying having a bed next to Peter's study desk. I go up every night and read a book and fall asleep on the bed while Peter studies. It's like spending time together without talking. When you have a law student husband you take what you can get!