Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laura at 13 months

Laura just keeps getting more and more fun. I love this age. She is constantly jabbering all day long (Peter says she takes after her mother) and often times she gets lucky and stumbles across real words. For the past few weeks she has been walking around the house saying, "guys!" like she has an announcement to make and wants everyone to hear. Her vocabulary also includes: "uh-oh," "mama," "dada," "hi" (which she says to everyone in the grocery store), "oh yeah" and "wow."

She also loves to accessorize. She is constantly putting things on her head, around her neck, on her hands, etc. Maybe it is my fault for telling her how pretty she when I put a flower on her head to try to encourage her not to rip it off. Now she thinks she can put anthing on her head, or elsewhere, and she looks pretty. This includes, scraps of fabric, food, toys, etc. All day long she is collecting items and sticking them somewhere on herself. Then she will go look in the mirror and giggle at herself. The other day she was walking around with this pink shirt on her head for 5 minutes. She couldn't see anything so she kept running into walls and furniture but I guess she thought it was so pretty she couldn't take it off.

She is a super happy baby and is so easy. Which means that my life is easy since my only responsibility is to take care of her. She is especially good when there are other children around.

I also love having a little model to practice my sewing. Most of her wardrobe consists of little dresses I have made her. In fact, I think I need to chill on sewing her more clothes. But I am just having so much fun. Everything looks good on her so she makes me feel like I am a better seamstress than I am. Trust me, I tried to make a skirt for myself last week and it was a total disaster. So, I am just going to stick with sewing Laura's wardrobe. I also made her a white sun hat to protect her from the ridiculously, hot TN sun.

Laura recently learned to give five and give kisses. I love those slobbery kisses! And when you ask her "where's your head" she sticks both hands on her head and smiles. When asked "where's your nose" she sticks her finger in her mouth. We are still working on that one.