Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us

It is so much fun to have the same birthday. (And it's great to know that I will never, ever forget about his birthday.) We woke up and cooked breakfast together and then went to a Korean restaurant for dinner. If you are wondering why we are throwing gang signs, let me explain by saying that in every single one of Peter's mission pictures, there is a Korean with a peace sign.


Chief Momma said...

I guess that's a good sign that you were able to eat that food while pregnant. It looks like it would be difficult to stomach.

Happy Birthday to the Munks.

Phil and Holly said...

Thats soo cool that you guys have the same birthday, I wonder if you will ever hate it cause you don't wanna share your day anymore. You will definitely get jipped on presents by your kids someday. Its weird that I haven't seen you for a couple years it seems like. Hope everything is swell, and that your pregnancy doesn't make you hate your life. -Phil