Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Girls

I can't believe we have a four year old! She is getting so big! Even though we had moved the week before, Laura insisted on a birthday party. So, we decided last minute to throw a dinosaur party for her. I made the cake with fondant. The first and probably last time I will do that! When it was time to sing happy birthday we put dry ice in the volcano so it could smoke like an erupting volcano. Annie sat on the ground the whole 2 hour party next to her friend Tucker and didn't make a peep, in spite of the fact that it was naptime and lunch time. I almost forgot I had a baby! She finally got tired at the end. Is there anything cuter than a crying baby wearing a birthday hat? She also got a kiss from Tucker! We also celebrated Angelica's birthday last week. It has been 2 years since they placed her tiny body in my arms. It seems like yesterday and forever ago. We decided as a family to do something each year to remember her. This year, I called Operation Smile and they sent me a hospital gown pattern to sew gowns for the children in third world countries who will be receiving surgeries to correct their cleft palate. When I see commercials for Operation Smile on TV, I can't help but miss my own sweet baby when I see all the pictures of those sweet little kids with lips and noses that look just like Angelica's did. I was so happy to be able to do something to help them! We decided to have a "birthday party" and invite our friends over to help us sew. We had so much fun and were able to sew up a lot of gowns with the extra help. We went over to our new neighbor's home for dinner on Sunday and found out randomly that she carries the same chromosomal abnormality that I do. We were both so surprised at finding this out! We told her about our experience with Angelica. Every time I talk about her, I feel so lucky that we are blessed to have her as part of our family. I still don't know how to respond when people tell me they are sorry. I am not sorry at all that we got to have such a special baby. Her short life continues to bless us and teach us. And her memory, and the hope that I have of being with her again in Heaven, is what motivates me to be a better mother and better person. Happy birthday, Angelica!


Aubry T Jensen said...

Cute pictures:) I am so glad that we got to help with the gowns! I just wish I could have helped more. So, if you have some finishing touches still...i'm there! Happy Birthday Laura and Angelica!

Tom and Jen Loveland Family said...

I was thinking about you and your little Angelica just yesterday, with it being Mother's Day and all. And interestingly, I didn't think how sorry I was for you, but definitely how these precious spirits are such blessings in our lives. Miss you, Candice. :)