Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Pictures

Warning: this blog post has LOTS of pictures of the Munk family. My friend took some family pictures for us last week. She was sweet enough to do it twice! The first time we tried, Laura was such a stinker and refused to cooperate. Taking pictures of kids is the most frustrating thing in the world! And I think that is why she was such a stinker, because I was getting frustrated and kept saying things like, "sit down and smile or you won't get your treat at the end." As you can imagine, this was not very effective. These were the only pictures that turned out from our first trip: So the second time around, I let Laura help choose her outfit and look at pictures online and tell me what she wanted to do for our pictures. She was much happier and easier to work with. Thanks, Heidi for taking our pictures. We love them!


Angela and Enrique said...

They turned out really, really cute! I love the colors! The pictures of the girls are amazing. Annie has such pretty eyes! I love the lolly pops and the rod iron fence. Great pictures! Beautiful family and good job Heidi!

Chelsea said...

Soooo amazing. I'm jealous. Little girls are so cute in pictures! You look like a hot momma!!! Dang girl. Skinny minny. I know that you've been working hard!

Tom and Jen Loveland Family said...

These pictures are lovely! I can't believe how Laura looks more and more like you the older she gets. You are both beautiful. Love your idea of letting her pick the outfit etc.