Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas is Over

I love the holiday season and I'm always a little bit sad to see it end. However, I am glad to be rid of all the cookies, fudge, etc. that is always with in reach everywhere you go during the month of December. I used to think that being pregnant during Christmas would awesome because I have an excuse for looking chubbier than usual. That was before I realized that my doctor loves to weigh me each month and comment on how much weight I have gained. And while the rest of you can start a new year's diet plan to lose the extra pounds you gained during the holiday season, I can look forward to gaining a pound a week for the next few months. I sound as if I am complaining, but the truth is, I love being pregnant. I mean, I don't love getting fat, but I love knowing that there is a baby inside of me and I like looking in the mirror and seeing a pregnant belly. I especially love knowing that eventually this baby will come out and then I will have my own baby.

I was finally able to talk Peter into spending the money to get a Christmas tree in our house. I decided that rather than buy cheap ugly ornaments that would most likely be broken by our child next year, I would make our Christmas decorations. I had so much fun making our ornaments and, although they do not look great, I figure the more I practice the more crafty I will become. I also added to our stockings with one for our baby. I made one for Peter and I last year so I thought it would be fun to have one for our baby this year.


Ciana said...

Your craftiness never ceases to amaze me Candice. That is a very cute tree.

Natalie said...

I found it! And you make me sick. I cannot believe that you had a garden and canned and I own my own house and I haven't even had a garden. You are too good at the homemaker thing. You make the rest of us look bad. Come live next to me so you can help me grow up to be as cool as you!

brent and kashann said...

i haven't been here for a while. This is very impressive. I would never dream of sewing all these decorations in one year. Hard to believe we came from the same family.
Show us a picture of you at 7 months.